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our first comment comes from Larisa Males dated 6/7/09

Here she goes.......

"Tales From the Fair Side"
Ahh, spring is here and the weather is perfect for guess what....riding!  I have been riding in this area for close to seven years now and am still amazed by what nature has to offer.  This years later rains have given us some gorgeous distractions while we chug up the hills, or try to stay on the trail.  It is also another one of my favorite times.....butterfly rides!  Ah, so many colors and sizes and sometimes they hang right beside you for a spell; it makes me feel like I have my own personal escorts.

I had the recent pleasure my first seasonal trip up to Shut Eye (sp?) Peak.  The temperature was perfect, and the company enchanting.  The ride up (we started from Whiskers) was, as always, one of my favorite parts, because I just enjoy the suffering.  We didn't encounter any snow until the very top, and only had to hike-a-bike through a couple of stubborn and dense drifts.  On the trail down, I watched as the others navigated their way through rock, root and rubble.  This is the time I took to "meditate and reflect". What others might see as simply "walking down the trail", I used as "me time".  Yes, I know all about denial not just being a river, ha, ha, but the point I will soon come to is this: every time I ddescendthat trail, if I can just ride a little bit further, or conquer some goofy rock I have been avoiding....I take that as a win.  And we all need wins.

Ladies, I hope to see you out there.  It doesn't matter how far or steep you go, as long as you go. 


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